Dental Treatments

Get to know some of the dental treatments you can have at our clinic in Torres Novas. Take care of your teeth with a quality service and the utmost comfort of our facilities.

With medical specialists in various areas of Dental Medicine, you can improve or regain your smile and meet your expectations.

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Orthodontics is the area dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental alterations - poor dental positioning - and skeletal - growth and incorrect positioning of the jaws.


It is through Implantology that it is possible to rehabilitate tooth absences by placing implants.

Get your confidence back and improve your chewing using this specialty of Dental Medicine. This will not only prevent the teeth adjacent to tooth failure from being damaged, but also other even more serious problems such as bone resorption and loss of tooth support structure.

Dental Aesthetics

Dental Aesthetics is the area of Dental Medicine that includes a set of various treatments that work to correct fractured teeth, tooth decay, spaces between teeth and teeth whitening commonly associated with this specialty.

Therefore, consider the following techniques associated with Dental Aesthetics: Aesthetic Restorations, Aesthetic Veneers and Dental Whitening.